About Us

CJSA is a family-owned and operated company with an extensive network of resellers across the Pacific Region. We pride ourselves on our core values of Quality, Service & Integrity. When partnering with CJSA, you can rest assured that our years of experience within the Waterproofing, Sealing & Jointing Industry will ensure successful and high-quality project completion. CJSA is also a proud sponsor of Sunrise Cambodia, supporting Cambodia’s most vulnerable children.

CJSA is an industry-leading, family-owned and operated company and is a major construction supply chain company specialising in water stops and jointing solutions in concrete structures. Our focus is on supporting other independently owned and operated businesses, supporting local communities and families. With our head office in Adelaide, we are in close contact with our distributors, ensuring our products are efficiently delivered right from our warehouse to your site to ensure you are ready for your project.

We are specialists in top-of-the-line OEM and private labelling in the construction industry. Our product range has been developed to provide extensive water stop systems, sealing systems, joint sealants, joint seals, and expansion joint CORK filler boards. Our service assists in various construction projects ranging from airports, bridges, tunnels, dams and levees, floors, roads, and spillways.

What makes us stand out in our industry is our ongoing support of charity and our focus on how we can best assist others. CJSA is a corporate sponsor for Sunrise Cambodia, helping the most vulnerable children and communities in Cambodia. We intend to provide the utmost care to ensure our services go towards those who need it most, paying it forward to make a difference in the world. Rest assured, you will be able to have the best product solutions for your project and feel good about the flow on effect of your project!

If you are looking for a specialised service that is convenient, quick, and efficient, CJSA has the best range of products and services to triumph your construction project. CJSA will make all your construction work “concrete”!

Our Vision

To become the Market Leading Expert in the Waterstop and Jointing Materials field and to offer a comprehensive range of well-designed, high-quality products to the construction industry.

Our Mission

To offer high-quality products and services to our clients, with a strategic focus on Quality, Service and Integrity at all times. To ensure that our dedication to working with trusted partners is second to none.